With our ink range Z-PVC VKZ we offer a special ink for printing on retro-reflective foil material.

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Z-PVC VKZ Series

Screen ink range for printing on thermoplastics such as PVC, PMMA (acrylic glass), front panels made of polycarbonate (PC) or PC/ABS polymer blends. Also suitable for pre-treated polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).
Note: Z/PVC inks are not suitable for prin


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Screen preparation

>> SunCoat Screen Fix Extra

>> SunCoat Entfetter Degreaser Concentrate

>> SunCoat Mesh Cleanser


Coatings / emulsions

>> SunCoat New Horizon Screen Emulsion

>> SunCoat 2000 Screen Emulsion


Screen filler

>> SunCoat Fast Blue Filler


Screen reclaiming

>> SunCoat Stencil Strip Concentrate

>> SunCoat StainAway LV

>> SunCoat ProntoWash


Other products

>> SunCoat Supertak Adhesive