UVX2 Series

UV-curing Screen Ink Range, 1-Component


UV-curing screen printing inks for printing on PVC, especially PVC adhesive foils.


• Solvent-free UV-curing screen printing inks UVX2 have a high reactivity.
• UVX2 inks are delivered in a ready-to-print adjustment. They cure quickly resulting in a glossy finish and high colour brilliance.
• Highly reactive UVX2 inks can be processed on fast-running one and multi-colour screen printing equipment.
• The cured ink film shows high flexibility with tough and elastic properties and high mechanical abrasion resistance. Impact strength and tear resistance of PVC materials are hardly affected.
• Using suitable transparent PVC self-adhesive foils, UVX2 inks can be used for the production of double-sided stickers.
• UVX2 inks show a good weather resistance.
• Note: Due to the variety of PVC materials, we recommend pre-tests to determine suitability of UVX2 inks.
• Note: Since November 2014, UVX2 has been the NVC-free successor product of ink range UVX.


>> Product Data Sheet UVX2 Series

Color Shades


>> Color Card C-MIX System 2000*

Y 30 Y 50 O 50 R 20 R 50 M 50 V 50
B 50 G 50 N 50 W 50 E 50 blindpixel W50  W50




>> Color Card Standard HD

 60/688-HD white  65-HD black  W50


You will find further color shades of ink series UVX2 in the product data sheet.


>> Product Data Sheet UVX2 Series


* The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons. For an exact color display please ask for our original color cards.