Z/DD Series

Solvent Based Special Screen Ink Range, 2-Component


Special screen printing inks Z/DD are suitable for applications requiring highest possible resistances. They are suitable for printing on thermoplastics, such as pre-treated polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), duroplastics, coated surfaces as well as metal.


• Screen inks Z/DD are solvent based 2-component screen printing inks, which have to be processed with hardener.
• Z/DD inks dry chemically-physically and result in a glossy finish.
• This ink range is especially suitable for technical/industrial applications requiring very high resistances.
• Fully cured prints show high mechanical resistance as well as an excellent chemical resistance against many organic solvents, thinned alkalis and acids, oils and grease.
• Z/DD inks are suitable for long-term outdoor applications.
• Z/DD contains very special components; therefore Z/DD prints require longer drying and curing times. For details please refer to section ”DRYING / HARDENER REACTION”.
• Note: Because of the variety of substrates, pre-tests are essential. It is also advised to check efficiency of possibly required pre-treatment of substrates (cleaning/degreasing, flame/corona/plasma treatment) or maybe even post-treatment (flame-drying).


>> Product Data Sheet Z/DD Series

Color Shades


>> Color Card C-MIX System 2000*

Y 30 Y 50 O 50 R 20 R 50 M 50 V 50
B 50 G 50 N 50 W 50 E 50 blindpixel W50  W50


You will find further color shades of ink series Z/DD in the product data sheet


>> Product Data Sheet Z/DD Series


* The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons. For an exact color display please ask for our original color cards.