TP 400 Series

Solvent Based Pad Printing Ink Range, 1- and (alternatively) 2-Component


Pad printing ink range TP 400 is appropriate for a vast variety of applications. TP 400 inks are especially suitable for printing on thermoplastics such as polycarbonate (PC), PMMA (“acrylic glass”), polyamide (PA), pre-treated polyolefines, i.e. polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE); also for rigid PVC, polystyrene, polyester, polyacetal (POM, with flame-drying), polyurethane. Also, for duroplastics, metals and coated surfaces.
TP 400 inks are a good choice for a variety of technical-industrial applications, toys and promotional articles.


• In line with current safety requirements pad printing inks TP 400 have been formulated with especially environmentally compatible raw materials. TP 400 inks as well as the thinners and additives required for adjustment do not contain aromatics, butyl glycolate (GB-Ester), cyclo-hexanone, Bisphenol A (BPA) and also no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The ink system meets the criteria to obtain the GS mark (category 1) according to GS specification AfPS GS 2014:01 PAH.
• Pad inks TP 400 are solvent based pad printing inks. They can be processed as 1-component and (alternatively) as 2-component ink with hardener. Processed as 1-component ink TP 400 dries physically, as 2-component ink physically chemically-reactive and results in a satin gloss finish.
• The ink system shows an exceptionally easy and reliable printability.
• TP 400 inks can be processed on a variety of pad printing machines, from various flat systems to quick running rotation systems.
• Processing as 2-component ink will further increase ink adhesion properties on difficult substrates such as pre-treated PP/PE.
• This ink system shows good resistance against filling products, e.g. cosmetics and chemicals, especially when processed as 2-component ink.
• TP 400 inks are suitable for medium-term outdoor applications.
• TP 400 inks are certified according to USP Medical Class VI. They can be used for printing onto medical devices.
• Note: Because of the variety of substrates, pre-tests are essential. It is also advised to check efficiency of possibly required pre-treatment of substrates (cleaning/degreasing, flame/corona/plasma treatment) or maybe even post-treatment (flame-drying).


>> Product Data Sheet TP 400

Color Shades


>> Color Card C-MIX System 2000 P*

Y 30 Y 50 O 50 R 20 R 50 M 50 V 50
B 50 G 50 N 58 W 50 E 50 blindpixel W50  W50




>> Color Card Standard HD P

10-HD citric yellow 11-HD medium yellow  12-HD dark yellow  15-HD orange  20-HD light red  21-HD bright red  22-HD carmine red
30-HD light blue 37-HD violet  40-HD light green  60-HD white  68-HD black    


You will find further color shades of ink series TP 400 in the product data sheet.


>> Product Data Sheet TP 400 Series


* The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons. For an exact color display please ask for our original color cards.