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A broad range of inks is needed for matching a large variety of different color references on diverse substrates in screen and pad printing.

With its C-MIX 2000 system Coates Screen Inks offers a range of colors with which you can formulate and mix the desired color shade. In addition, our range of color shades is completed with a broad selection of standard colors, standard HD colors as well as silver shades, bronze inks, fluorescent and effect inks.

The strength and tint of all colors depicted on this website may deviate from the original due to technical reasons and are for reference only.

You are welcome to order our original color cards, which have all been produced with original ink using screen printing.

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C Mix Farbkartenbalken

Brilliant, mono-pigmented, for mixing Pantone, RAL, HKS and other color references


The 12 semi-transparent C-MIX 2000 colors are perfectly suitable for the exact mixing of color shades according to various color systems or customer-specific shades, particularly the brilliant shades of Pantone and HKS.

Mono-pigmentation, which means that each basic color contains only one pigment, allows quick and easy color matching. With our free-of-charge Formula Management C-MIX 2000 data base we provide guide formulations for Pantone, HKS and RAL shades, separated into 1- or 2-component ink ranges.

Due to their physical properties, formulations with C-MIX 2000 colors, like Pantone and HKS, are primarily used for printing on white or light-colored substrates.


>> Color Card C-MIX 2000

>> Color Card C-MIX 2000 P

>> Color Card C-MIX 2000 LL

>> Color Card T PE-HF 


Standard Farbkartenbalken

The classics. Color-intensive, medium opacity
The standard colors, with color numbering 10, 11, 12 and so on, are our classic chromatic colors from times before Pantone and alike. Here the printer can choose the most appropriate hue from several yellow, red and blue shades. Most standard colors are manufactured with more than one pigment per shade and are very color-intensive with a medium to good opacity.

>> Color Card Screenprinting Standard 1

>> Color Card Screenprinting Standard 2

>> Color Card Padprinting Standard 1

>> Color Card Padprinting Standard 2


Standard HD Farbkartenbalken

Unsurpassed opacity
Printing on transparent, black, very dark or colored substrates is daily business in pad printing. For this the best possible opacity is needed. The 12 Standard HD shades (10 colors, black, white) were formulated with a very high concentration of especially opaque pigments. Standard HD shades are available in many of our ink ranges.

>> Color Card Screenprinting HD

>> Color Card Padprinting HD


Silber Bronze Farbkartenbalken

All that glitters is not gold ...
Gold, silver, bronze. We offer 4 different kinds of bronze inks: B, AB, MG and MI. 

Bronze B shows a very high opacity. It is available as print-ready ink, but also as paste or powder which can be mixed into varnish E50 of our ink ranges.
Bronze AB is a print-ready ink. It is smearing- and leafing-resistant and has a good opacity and shine.
Bronze MG (metal gloss) is very brilliant with a medium opacity.
Bronze MI is a mirror ink, for printing behind glass. Unlike the other bronze inks, bronze MI is only available as an independent ink range.


>> Color Card Bronze

>> Color Card Silver


Tagesleuchtfarben Farbkartenbalken


>> Color Card Flourescent Ink 


On request we will be happy to provide you with additional original color cards and effect cards.

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